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Four Essential Kitten Supplies for New Owners

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A kitten is an exciting and playful pet without extensive needs, so it is a perfect companion for beginner owners. If you are thinking about adding this cute creature to your family, it is important to make certain that you and your home are prepared before getting the new pet. You will need to purchase relatively numerous supplies to ensure that the kitten is happy and healthy. Here is a descriptive list of the most essential things for your young cat.

Food and Bowl

The kitten will require good food for continued healthy growth and development. This is a long-term expense, so you should factor in the selected food into your monthly budget. There are assorted kitten foods in terms of nutritional content, brand and costs. If you are uncertain about the right brand, you should visit your potential vet for advice. You should also purchase a special bowl instead of using one of your personal ones. You can choose your ideal product from a range of materials. The best choice is probably a ceramic bowl because it is resilient and easy to clean.

Litter Box

Most kittens are trained to use a litter box before they are released to new owners. Therefore, you will need to ensure that there is one available in your home when you get your pet. There are different designs available, so you can choose a product that matches your home's décor. You will also need to get some litter to line the box and control the odour. Finally, obtain a scoop to remove the waste and put in a disposable bag. Plastic scoops will be cheap to purchase, but the metal alternatives are more durable.

Kitten Bed

A kitten bed is important because it will provide a warm and comfortable place for the pet to sleep in. The young cat might not sleep there always, but it is still important to get this special place. There are diverse beds in the market, so choosing a perfect one is difficult. Ideally, you should ensure that it is soft and big enough for the kitten to grow into.

Cat Carrier

A cat carrier is often ignored because it does not seem essential. However, you will require this product when picking your kitten and when travelling with your pet. Choose a carrier that you can still use when the cat is fully grown.

You will need some of these supplies when dropping off your kitten in a cattery like Blu Ice Cattery. Inquire about the day-care and boarding requirements before signing up your new pet.